The Existential Shrink

David G. Zacharias, MD, MPH is chief resident in psychiatry at the University of Washington Medical Center. Graduating summa cum laude from Trinity International University in chemistry and biology, he went on to medical school at Mayo Clinic and graduate school at Harvard University. He further completed his medical internship at Vanderbilt Medical Center and additional coursework at the Seattle Psychoanalytic Institute.

Growing up as the son of a minister and theologian had a profound effect on him from an early age to take seriously the “deep questions of life.” As a result, he has sought to understand humans within a wide variety of frameworks—biological, psychological, sociological, relational, philosophical, and religious. Moreover, radical shifts in his own worldview have cultivated in him a deepening appreciation for paradox, mystery, and the individual realities of other minds. He believes in dialogue and intellectual curiosity because of his hope in the power of good ideas to change the world.